Sales Questions

Can I terminate my lease early and get another vehicle?

• Yes, click on lease end questions tab on home page for more information.

I owe more on my trade than I think it is worth, can I still trade?

• Yes, we will pay off your existing loan (no matter what you owe) when you trade.

How is my trade in valued?

• Trades are appraised after a test drive; for an idea of what your trade might be worth, visit www.kbb.com.

I have had some credit problems; can I get financing?

• Probably, for more information see our online credit repair tab under the Finance Center.

Can I complete most of the transaction online and arrange for indealership pickup?

• Yes, most everything except state and lein paperwork can be done online.

My warranty is about to expire; can I purchase additional coverage?

• Yes, contact our financial services manager.

Service Questions

Can I make a service appointment online?

• Yes, see tab under service and parts.

Will my new car warranty cover all repairs?

• Except for routine maintenance, all repairs are covered under the manufacturers warranty.

Do you have service loaners?

• Yes, we have loaner vehicles for warranty repairs lasting more than two hours.

My car broke down, why can't the dealership fix it right away?

• Michigan law states that consumers must receive a written estimate before beginning work.

Is there a guarantee on service performed at Borgman?

• Yes, services paid for by you are guaranteed for 12 months.

I have had an accident, does Borgman work with all insurance companies?

• Yes, you have the right to have your car repaired where you bought it; Borgman will bill all insurance companies.